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Click the "Advanced Search" button, select the appropriate field from the "All Fields" drop-down menu (Title, Creator, Journal or Publication Title ․․․), then enter a word or phrase in the "Enter text" field. If necessary, combine the search fields with logical AND, OR operations, and then click "Search".



In the "Collections" section, click the appropriate section (Books, Articles ․․․), click the "Search in Collection" button, then by activating the "Filters", you will see the options to view the filtered items. Now, if you select "Group objects", in the right pane you will see the titles of the magazines, with the corresponding number of articles. Selecting the required title will open the described articles with their icons.



Search as one expression:

If between the search terms no any other word should be present, then include the search term in double quotes: "Ավետիսյան Արա".

Wildcard Searches:
? – The single character wildcard search looks for terms that match that with the single character replaced. For example: Շիրա? will retrieve the documents with the terms Շիրակ, Շիրազ.
* - Multiple character wildcard searches looks for one or more characters. You can also use the wildcard searches in the middle of a term. For example: բան*ր will retrieve the documents with the terms բանվոր, բանբեր, բանաձևեր, բանավոր
You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a search.

Boolean operators:
The AND operator matches documents where both terms exist anywhere in the text of a single document. The symbol && can be used in place of the word AND.
To search for documents that contain Համբարձումյան and մեխանիկա use the query: “Համբարձումյան” AND “մեխանիկա”.
The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. The symbol || can be used in place of the word OR. To search for documents that contain either Մծբնի or just Հյուսիսային use the query: “Մծբնի” OR “Հյուսիսային”.
The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT. The symbol ! can be used in place of the word NOT. To search for documents that contain Մծբնի but not Էջմիածին use the query: “Մծբնի” NOT “Էջմիածին”.
The „+” or required operator requires that the term after the “+” symbol exist somewhere in the field of a single document. To search for documents that must contain Մծբնի and may contain Էջմիածին use the query: +Մծբնի Էջմիածին.

You can group clauses using parentheses to form subqueries. To search for either Համբարձումյան or մեխանիկա and Դիլիջան use the query: (Համբարձումյան OR մեխանիկա) AND Դիլիջան.
This eliminates any confusion and makes sure that Դիլիջան must exist and either term Համբարձումյան or մեխանիկա may exist.

Fuzzy searches:
To do a fuzzy search use the tilde, “~”, symbol at the end of single word term. For example to search for a term similar in spelling to անձրեւ use the fuzzy search: անձրեւ~. An additional parameter can specify the required similarity. The value is between 0 and 1, with a value closer to 1 only terms with higher similarity will be matched. For example: անձրեւ~0,8. The default that is used if the parameter is not given is 0,5.

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