Title: BL Lacertae: Recovering intrinsic Trajectory of a Quasi-Stationary Jet Feature on Subparsec-Scales

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Բյուրականի աստղադիտարանի հաղորդումներ: Երևանի աստղադիտարանի բյուլետեն = Сообщения Бюраканской обсерватории. Бюллетень ереванской Астрономической обсерватории = Contributions from the Burakan observatory. Bulletin of the Erevan astronomical observatory

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Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) observations allow us to investigate the fine structure and dynamics of the inner part of the BL Lacertae jet. Long-term VLBA monitoring at 15 GHz has revealed the existence of a quasi-stationary component (QSC) in the jet interior, located about 0.26 mas from the radio core, followed by superluminal moving radio components. The study of the QSC motion is important in order to shed light on the dynamics of the inner part of the relativistic jet on spatial scales of milliparsecs. The latter is problematic due to measurement errors on such scales. In addition, the apparent QSC motion is a combination of the intrinsic motion of the QSC and the radio core, which predominantly occurs in the direction of the jet axis. Careful error analyses and apparent trajectory smoothing techniques are important to reveal the QSC intrinsic motion. We use 164 epochs of VLBA monitoring of the jet in BL Lacertae, available as part of the MOJAVE program, to study the QSC motion. We apply a moving average method to filter out the core contribution, which allows the detection of QSC intrinsic motion and develop an algorithm to clean up the smoothed trajectory using QSC positioning errors. We find that the QSC intrinsic trajectory is a combination of irregular reversals occurring on scales from about 0.15 yr to 0.5 yr. An analysis of the estimates of the reversal characteristics is presented for smoothed and cleaned trajectorie





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Communications of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (ComBAO) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes research in observational and theoretical astronomy/astrophysics and presents recent advances in these fields. It is being published by the NAS RA V. Ambartsumian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) in English in electronic form. The journal publishes original papers, review papers, brief reports, book reviews, special communications, observational and theoretical results in various fields of astronomy and related sciences, and some editorial notes, including anniversaries and obituaries. Under the heading “Legacy”, the renewed magazine will republish some old articles of high value in English. The heading “Guest articles” will bring to the attention of readers the articles of researchers who are not employees of BAO. ComBAO was founded in 1946 and regularly published in 1946-1990. However, the publication was interrupted because of the economic situation after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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